Monday, February 4, 2008

Sarova Panafric

Place: Panafric Hotel – Flame Tree Restaurant
Ambiance: Cozy, Hotelish
Service: Friendly, Warm

Monday was supposed to just be coffee time for me and my beau but after receiving HORRIBLE service from “The Mug” I needed to just change venues. I can’t handle bad service. I refuse to… so stay away from The Mug. He suggested Panafric, and I was so willing to go since I had not been there in eons. I pretty much could not remember the place.

The restaurant was not at all packed. A few tourists and some people having drinks while watching the Africa cup of nations. The menu exhibited a range as far as food was concerned while the prices were to be expected from a hotel. Quite reasonable if I was asked actually.

We settled for the platter [chicken, pork, sea food .. et al]… it was to die for. Like seriously…. I’m not a fan of sea food as such but I was pleasantly surprised.
After the dinner, I had a cocktail – The Deep also commonly known as a Blue Muthafuka. That drink made the trip worthwhile! [I know I had said I was going to quite drinking in 2008, but you know what happens to those resolutions. I fell off that wagon and I don’t think there is hope of ever getting back on].

One of the reasons why I love hotels and their restaurants unlike other places is because there is no pressure whatsoever to leave. You can slowly take your drink, talk and just enjoy being, either alone or together. And that is exactly what we did. We were. Together. But this is not a blog post about that. Its about Panafric. Which made for a pleasant date.

Soda: Kshs. 120
Double Viceroy: Kshs 350
Platter: Kshs. 1,250


Aizoh said...

Nice review although frankly I was a bit disappointed. I've never been here but when I saw a reference to this blog and the blog name, my head was at the time in the gutter so you wont believe the rush I was in to get here. Kumbe kuna makulano ingine.

Anonymous said...

You sir are a pervert

Unyc said...

I went to the mug n it was ok

Anonymous said...

Try the Thai Chi and give a review.Iv heard good stuff about it.

Anonymous said...

Thai Chi - Sarova Stanley